New System Deployment for Top Retailer


Written by Eric Dudeck on 3/29/2017

About The Customer

Hyla Soft’s consulting team is working with one of the largest retailers and warehouse clubs in the world. Our team is supporting the customer’s newest plant in Canada, dedicated to the manufacturing of their baked good (cookies, breads, etc.) products. The customer had purchased Siemens SIMATIC IT for MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and wanted to bring in technical experts to oversee the deployment of the new MES system in their new production facility. The customer chose Hyla Soft’s specialists for their industry credibility, software expertise, and system implementation and integration experience.

The Customer’s Need

MES is a control system for managing and monitoring work-in-process on a factory floor. MES keeps track of all manufacturing information in real time, receiving up-to-the-minute data from robots, machine monitors and employees. Siemens SIMATIC IT is one of the world’s leading MES systems. In general, the customer decided to invest in the system in order to improve productivity and reduce cycle times while still producing quality products. More specifically, the customer was looking for the following capabilities:

  • Needed traceability to be in compliance with FDA standards for ingredients in the event of a recall (needed be able to track and show proof if necessary)
  • Needed inventory tracking and costs for materials and tracking
  • OEE for machine efficiency
  • Optimal scheduling and tracking of work orders

The Hyla Soft Advantage

Hyla Soft has years of experience and practice in a vast array of manufacturing industries and technologies. This strong manufacturing capability, combined with core IT project management skills and our company’s expertise working with the Siemens MES offering, made Hyla Soft the optimal partner in Consulting Services for this customer.

Currently, the customer’s brand new bakery plant is working and their MES go-live, supported by Hyla Soft, is well underway. Deployed only 2 weeks ago, the system is already functioning and being utilized by the plant operators. By allowing our team to offer our experience and expertise in deployment, the customer benefited from an additional expert perspective they could not have received from their internal resources. Hyla Soft was there for every step leading up to deployment on the production system, and has already helped develop a roadmap for the next plant. This project is just the beginning!

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